Do You Know Your Privacy Rights?

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Have you ever noticed something you randomly mentioned online or searched for suddenly start appearing everywhere in the form adverts? If this has happened to you and you didn’t understand why. Or you just assumed that Google or Facebook had been spying on you again, you are not necessarily wrong.  

However, the more likely explanation is that you didn’t read the fine print in a privacy policy or two. Let’s be honest, privacy policies are pretty boring. And yet, incredibly important. Privacy policies are probably the least read legally binding agreement, although designed to protect the rights of you the consumer. So why are we so reluctant to actually read through this very important document? 

The short answer, is probably that, privacy policies are long. We would rather skip the boring stuff and get straight to the fun part. Which is usually exploring the website or using a cool new app. We live in a world that pushes instant gratification. Such that we feel reluctant to spare a few minutes to learn our rights and find out how our private information will be used or protected. Believe me, when I say that I have been there. I have apprehensively clicked the agree button without actually reading the terms and conditions. Clicked anyway knowing that I was probably signing away my first child. All because I was simply too lazy and impatient to read through the policy.  

The long answer is that we don’t fully understand the importance and extent of the rights we are signing away. Most privacy policies outline: what personal information they will access and retain from users. How they will use that information in service provision. And whether they will give third parties access to your personal information.  As this is a legally binding agreement, users who don’t take the time to ensure that their personal information will not be used in any way they disagree with rarely find any legal recourse in cases where they feel their rights have been infringed upon. 

Ziqqi takes the privacy of its users very seriously. We do not retain personal information for use other than that which is directly related to our service provision. Neither do we sell or share our users’ personal information with third parties. Rather, we actively safeguard our users’ privacy by continuously upgrading our security and diligently monitor our system for possible threats and vulnerabilities. 

The next time you are online and consider skipping over the privacy policy, stop and consider for a moment what exactly your privacy and personal protection means to you. Hopefully the answer will motivate you to ensure that your rights are fully protected. 

To review the Ziqqi Privacy Policy click here : Ziqqi Privacy Policies 

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